Our event calendar lists Organ, Choral, and other Concerts of related interest including:

  • Chapter-sponsored events
  • Concerts and events submitted by members and others in the local community
  • Concerts in nearby regions that may interest our membership
  • AGO national events
  • Other regional and national events pertinent to our membership

Email event information to

Please provide a complete description of the event including:

  • Event Title 
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location -- including the street address
  • Contact phone or email
  • Admission fees or offering suggestions (if any)
  • A complete description of the event and the participants.

We receive notice of many events only a few weeks to a month in advance.  It is recommended to submit at preliminary information on your event to us as soon as you know.  We will always update and add more information when you send us more details closer to the date.
Space is not an issue, so you may say as much about the event as you wish, but do your own editing and spell-checking as the Administrator will only cut-and-paste what you have written.
If you have an appropriate graphic, logo, or photo, you may attach it in JPEG or GIF format for inclusion in your listing. 
If you have a poster which you would like for people to download, print and post, it may be included as an attachment in JPEG or GIF format. Keep in mind that most people are likely to print an 8.5 X 11 or 8.5 X 14 poster, but are less likely to print a larger one. The 'Events' page appears as 'portrait' format, so if your poster is in 'landscape' it will be further reduced in size to fit into the 'portrait' page, but we will provide a link to download it full-sized.

Mass Email notifications are sent for chapter-sponsored events only.

An administrator will post the event within 72 hours.

If your event has not been posted or you have not been contacted by someone within 72 hours, email the PipeNotes Editor, the Dean or the Sub-Dean and we will look into the situation and respond to you.

Audrey Rhinehart,  Dean

Larry Wheelock, Webmaster

John Schubring, PipeNotes Editor

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